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Online banking login problems are usually due to a few issues that are simple to fix.  Before calling us please try the follow steps first:

1.) Passwords are case sensitive. Be sure "Caps" key is off.


2.) USER ID is your member account number.


3.) Do not remember your Password? Enter USER ID, click on Forgot Password and follow instructions to reset your password. You must have two internet windows open to reset your password.


4.)  Account Locked? or Still need assistance? - call: (814) 535-4165

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New Vehicle (2014,2013) As low as...

1.99 APR

Used Vehicle (2012,2011) As low as...

3.99 APR

Regular Shares $50 or more

.10 APY

Money Market Shares $1000 to $9999.99

.20 APY

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